The FIDES Daily Monitor

Have peace-of-mind. Every day.

Credit never sleeps. Nor do we. With our Daily Monitor service, we update your Collection Agency data overnight, every night, and send you an email alert immediately if anything comes up. The FIDES Monitor:

  • Puts you in control of your credit 24/7
  • Highlights only Collection Agency entries, eliminating the need to wade through lengthy and confusing credit reports
  • Offers the most current information available


The FIDES Daily Monitor works 24/7

When you purchase our Daily Monitor service by the month or year, you’ve taken a solid step forward in making sure you’re aware—almost as it happens—if Collection Agency data reported by someone to whom you might owe money. Every night, we receive updated information from our centralized system. Collection Agency data— Collection Accounts connected to your name, social security number, and date of birth are collected, and an e-mail alert is generated that lets you know you have an Alert. Then, you go to our site, securely log in and you’ll see your easy-to-understand report that clearly lists your new Collection Agency entries. Now, you have an immediate opportunity to correct any errors or make a payment. The FIDES Daily Monitor is:

  • Safe and secure
  • Comprehensive and accurate
  • About $.33 cents a day for absolute peace-of-mind

The only Real-time Collection Agency data reporting service available

Simply put, there is no faster and more accurate way to find out if a Collection account has been reported for you.
Every day, we gather data from our centralized system linked to a vast number of reporting sources. Credit Bureau reports are often not apprised of this information right away, but we are. And with the Daily Monitor, so are you. There's nothing else like it available. The FIDES Daily Monitor puts you in total control. So, why wait up to 180 days to get the information you need? Get it now. Get it right. When you're sleeping, we're looking out for your Credit Wellness.

You'll see only your Collection Agency data entries.

On a standard credit report, which is typically pages and pages, you'll have to wade through a lot of basic information such as when certain loans were paid off, when charge accounts were opened and closed, etc. It's a lot of extra information that might not be pertinent to what you need. Not to mention, it can be pretty confusing to get through. With the FIDES Daily Monitor, you'll only be alerted to Collection Agency items. An entry could be erroneous in that you have already paid the debt in question, or it has been inaccurately associated with your identity. Maybe you overlooked a payment and now it's late. Whatever the situation, you can take care of it immediately and not be ambushed by it down the road. It's quick, easy and to the point!