woman_computer.jpgConsumer Benefits

FIDES helps consumers take control of their personal financial wellness. With FIDES Report and FIDES Monitor, consumers can identify and settle collection agency accounts before it impacts a credit decision.

FIDES understands how important it is for consumers to have access to the credit they deserve for every aspect of their lives, whether it's buying a home, funding a college education, or getting a job. FIDES assists consumers by providing collection agencies a streamlined approach to reporting accurate Collection Agency information so that in the event that a question or problem arises it can be addressed and corrected quickly.

Consumers sometimes wait 90 days or more for credit file updates to be recorded. This is a serious and costly problem for consumers seeking home mortgages or other major financing that requires confirmation of payment or updates from collection agencies. Using the FIDES System, when consumers pay an account, the collection agency can immediately update their files by posting payments (or correcting errors), directly to the CRA's by processing through the FIDES Processing System.

By processing Collection Agency information through one data stream, FIDES adds efficiency and accuracy to the credit reporting industry.